Friday, February 8, 2013

We have a Kindergartener and a 1st grader!

I wrote this post, well, a long time ago and never posted. I figured I'd go ahead and post it and try to catch up a little since it's been so long :) Hope you enjoy even though it has been so long.

Yesterday was the first day of school for both William and Kaela. William is going into the first grade and Kaela is going into Kindergarten! They will both be in school all day and are very excited. William was a little bummed that his two best friends aren't in his class this year, but was very positive about being able to see them on the playground. He also has (from what we have heard from many people) a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Gillow, so we are very excited to see how much he grows and learns this year.

Kaela is beyond excited about being in Kindergarten! She has the same teacher that William had last year, so she is familiar with her and is very happy to have Mrs. Shannon. We are excited to see all of the things Kaela learns this year and to meet all of the new friends she's going to make. The kids happen to be right across the hall from each other too, which makes it easy for drop off and they get a chance to see each other every once in awhile.

Our Elementary school and the staff have been amazing getting Kaela everything she needs to help make her independent and able to be comfortable. We are so happy to have such a great school, group of teachers and staff that care so much. It sounds like she's already made some friends and I'm sure will be making lots more as time goes on. We are really excited to watch them both grow this year, although Wesley is missing them a lot and wishing they were here to play with :)

Wesley and Mommy are trying to keep busy and enjoy some one on one time together. He's getting so big and is so much fun to be around.

Here are some pictures of the kids on the first day of school.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Getting Back To Normal...I Think

It has been a while since we all drove home as a family from Delaware so I thought I would post an update on here.  Things are slowly returning to normalcy in the Laurin household.  After spending two months away from home, young Wesley almost forgot that he had a house and toys and dogs here to play with.  He was so happy to be home in the first couple of days and so were Kaela and Sarah.

Kaela is getting better every single day.  She is able to sit up on her own and walk a little more each day.  She still needs help with some things like making it to the bathroom and getting dressed however I’m skeptical as to how much help she really needs.  Yesterday I was doing something in another room and I came out to see how Kaela was.  She had a whole bag of grapes from the refrigerator and she was busy munching on them on the couch.  William was sitting next to her and I told him how nice it was for him to get his sister things to which he replied “I didn’t get them, Kaela did.”  The little girl who nags me for 20 minutes to get her a snack out of the fridge one day secretly is able to do this on her own when she thinks I’m not available.  

Kaela flying a kite from her stroller

As Kaela heals she is in a process of re-learning how to do things in some ways.  Her body is a bit different than it was before she left for Delaware so she is finding new ways to move around and just do the things she was doing before.  We took a day trip to Oval Beach in Saugatuck, MI yesterday and Kaela was able to play in the sand.  She has been wanting to go to the beach for months and she finally got to do it.      

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kaela Gets Through Surgery With Flying Colors!

Two days post op and Kaela is recovering well.  She was in a lot of pain right after the surgery and she still has trouble moving around but she is getting better every day.  We got her out of the bed yesterday and today to do a little physical therapy.  She has to work on strengthening her body after hanging for so long and not utilizing all of her muscles.  Even though it is really hard for her, she manages.  She is such a strong little girl. 

Kyphosis before the halo traction or rod implants
Kyphosis after insertion of VEPTR Rods

The change from the surgery is very dramatic.  Dr. M was able to bring Kaela's Kyphosis curve from roughly 110 degrees down to about 0.  The x-ray of her spine from the side pretty much looks like a typical person’s.  The scoliosis has also decreased dramatically.  There was a chance that Kaela would have to wear the halo with a vest even after the surgery but luckily she didn’t have to.  We were also counting on her wearing a protective vest for a while after the surgery.  Dr. M did such a great job that the vest was also not needed.

Kaela fresh out of surgery on May 22
Kaela's first time in a wheel chair post-op

As long as Kaela keeps progressing this way, we are scheduled to come home to Michigan on Friday June 1.  I know Sarah, Kaela and Wesley will be super excited to make it back to Michigan as they have been out here in Delaware since April 4th of this year.  We can’t believe the time is almost here for Kaela to come home.  Her time here so far has been a complete success and we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.  We have so many people to thank who have put time and resources forward to help out our family.  There are also numerous new friends that we have made during our stay here.  We are now counting the days until our family is back home in good old Dexter, MI.