Thursday, September 16, 2010

Batter up!

This summer William started T-ball. This was a first for Will. He is four, so he was part of the 4 and 5's team. Most of the kids on the team were getting ready to start kindergarten this fall, so he was one of the youngest on the team. Will was very shy and did not want to do much the first day, so Matt ran along side him everywhere he went. He had two games a week and by the second week he was doing MUCH better. He needed a little encouragement still, but we were able to cheer him on from the cheering section :) By the end of the season he was by far the most improved out there. He ended up having a lot of fun, loved bating, loving running for the ball, and loved playing with the other kids. He had lots of fans too. Matt's parents, my parents, Will's great grandma and grandpa B., Unlce Joe, my friend Megan and our friends Bob, Alisha, Bre and Haylee all came out to cheer him on several times. We were so proud of him for going to his games and having fun each week. He is getting ready to start soccer on Saturday and is really excited about it. I can't wait to see him in the high socks, shin guards and cleats! He is going to be so cute! Here are some pictures from his t-ball games this summer.