Friday, November 28, 2008

Visit with Aunt Rachie`

Aunt Rachie (Rachel) got here on Saturday and is now on the plane back to warm Texas. We had a great visit with her and the kids had a blast hanging out with their Aunt. Rachel stayed with them all day on Monday while Matt and I were at work and they all survived!! They really had a blast together and both Will and Kaela just loved being with her. Kaela tends to call everybody "Ma Ma" and Rachel really seemed to enjoy this :) Will was very excited to have her around and wanted to sleep with her so they slept a couple nights on the couch together. Very cute!! I was also so excited to see my sister and really enjoyed our time together.  I can't wait to see her again soon and we hope to go visit her (hopefully) in the next few months!! Here are some pics from our visit with Aunt Rachie.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Less then 24 hours....

Until my sister Rachel is in Michigan!!  My sister moved out of Michigan after she got married a couple of years ago and is currently living in Texas. We miss her so much and can not wait to see her!! The last time she was home was last December!! The kids have changed so much in a year, so I can not wait for her to see them in person. Of course we talk to her on the phone lots and I email with her almost everyday, but that's just not the same! My mom and I and the kids are off to the airport tomorrow morning around noon to pick her up.  Will is excited to see the plane. I think he thinks he's going on the plane...but he'll be excited to see them I'm sure and to see Aunt Rachie!
We are also going to the movie Twilight tomorrow afternoon with a couple of my friends. I got the 3 of them hooked after Katie got me hooked :)I will be posting pics. after her visit, but for now, here are a couple of the kids.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stay away....

We have pink eye! Poor babies woke up this morning with eyes that were crusted shut. Kaela had two eyes that were crusted and very puffy and will had one eye crusted and puffy. I took them to the doctor this afternoon and sure enough they have infectious pink eye!  They started drops around 2 today so they are home again tomorrow. 
Speaking of tomorrow....
The big day is finally here! I am very anxious and excited about this sure to get out their and vote, regardless of who you are voting for!! 
I'm making up for all my weeks of no posting. I bet some of you aren't even caught up on the last 1 or 2 post :) I hope everyone has a great election day. Happy voting!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween was a hit!

The kids, especially Will, had a great time trick or treating.  We went out with our neighbors across the street. Will went to a few houses last year and started understanding it and enjoying it after a few houses, but this year he was excited about it right from the beginning. In fact he sat on our porch for a few minutes eating tootsie rolls out of our bowl before we left. He was a little slow since eating candy on the way was top priority, but it was still lots of fun. Kaela enjoyed the stroller ride as well as a kit kat bar. Will being allergic to nuts/peanuts he misses out on pretty much all chocolate candy, but Kaela didn't mind helping get rid of them as you will see in one of the pictures :)
Here are some pictures of our little princess, Tinkerbell and our macho spiderman!
Saturday morning the kids got into the candy. Kaela found a sucker in her brothers bag. Can you guess what color it was?