Monday, September 8, 2008

Will's First Day of School

Our little boy is growing up!  Will started pre-school last week. Wednesday was his first day and he did GREAT! His teacher, Ms. Sue, said he was a delight! We were pretty impressed with how well he did since he has never been away from home. He has pre school Monday thru Thurs mornings, but unfortunately he missed his 2nd day of school. He woke up at 3 am that morning throwing up! Poor guy (and mommy and daddy too). Doing laundry, giving your kid a bath and changing sheets feels weird at 3 A.M. He slept in and did great all day. We think maybe it was something he ate, but we didn't want to risk it sending him to school...that and we didn't want Will feeling horrible and sick at school.  So today was his 2nd day and it wasn't quite as easy. Matt's parents are watching the kids on Mondays, then they will go to daycare Tues-Thurs. and I am home Friday's. So today Matt's mom was here watching the kids and today was Will's first day riding the bus to pre school.  I wasn't here (I am kind of bummed I missed it now!) but Matt's mom, Liz, put him on the bus. I guess he was fine until he realized Grandma wasn't staying. So he had a hard time with that and the note from his teacher today said "Will was a little weepy." Aw, my poor baby boy! Tomorrow is another BIG day. First day of daycare for both the kids. Kaela will be in the toddler/infant room and Will is going to be in the preschool house.  Will will be picked up by the bus in the morning, taken to preschool and then back to daycare preschool until after work.  So lets hope both the kids do great tomorrow!  I promised my sister I would update with some pics and try to upload another video so I will leave you with some more of my cutie pies on Will's first day of school! Enjoy the video Aunt Rachie. We will try and post the other one later!
Will's very own Locker! Kaela getting ready to take big brother to school. 
Will up earlyWill at the school. We didn't really get any pics of him in school because they took him so quickly and said 'bye mom and dad!" 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MRI Update

Good news! Kaela's Orthopedic surgeon called me at work today to let me know Kaela's MRI looks good. It shows that her cervical spine is stable! Yea!! Great news.  We will continue to watch it since it is a big concern and can happen at anytime, but we are very happy with this news. The day of Kaela's MRI was long but went really well too. Will was GREAT the whole 5 hours we were at the hospital.  Lucky for us the new Children's and Women's hospital they are building happens to be right outside of the window of the waiting room we were in.  Of course will enjoyed watching the diggers and welders.  Kaela did great too. She didn't like being weighed and measured, but otherwise was great. Matt went back with her when they put the mask on to make her go night night. She was asleep for awhile, but when they called me back I walked in to where she was and she was sitting up in the bed sucking on her Binky as happy as could be.  She was so good. She didn't cry at all even after waking up in a weird place with strange people.  We were all tired and all ended up falling asleep together after we got home for a couple hours, but overall it went much better then expected!Here are some pics from our adventure at the hospital.