Friday, March 20, 2020

Quarantine Sucks

Hello everybody! (although I don't think anyone is reading this) Anyways, happy quarantine. It's been pretty boring at home with nothing to do, while the only person who can come over is Drew-Wesley's friend who lives two doors down. The only reason he's allowed over is that my mom knows that Kate (Drew's Mom) and their family isn't going anywhere as of right now. I'm pretty bummed because we were supposed to go on a big family vacation to California for spring break. We had planned on going to San Francisco, San Diego, the redwood forest, and possibly Disney land. Unfortunately, this all had to be canceled on account of the coronavirus spreading around lately. But at least we plan to do it later in the summer sometime. Also, my best friends Anna, Harper, and Chloe were supposed to come over last Friday but unfortunately, we had to cancel that as well to make sure everyone stayed safe especially since Harper's dad was sick and we wanted to prevent that from spreading around in case it was anything serious.
In other news, I had to get surgery last month to replace the rods in my back. I was pretty nervous since I hadn't had surgery in almost a year, but everything turned out okay. I had to stay in the hospital a few nights which is definitely not fun but it went by pretty fast and got to have a cupcake with my lunch every day. Anyways I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and hopefully this whole pandemic will be over soon. Bye!!