Monday, March 24, 2008

A quick post

I've been meaning to write, but life has been a little busy. I wanted to post some pics of the kids from the weekend. We had a busy weekend. We went to see the Easter Bunny, Matt took me out Saturday for my bday ( I turn 28 tomorrow/25th-ugh) the kids have been sick then we had Easter yesterday. Easter was a busy day and poor little Ka wasn't feeling well but was quite the trooper. We colored eggs on Saturday which was fun. Will had so much fun. It was great. I didn't think he would care for it, but he kept asking for more and more eggs. I should have bought the cheap eggs because most of them where cracked all over by the time he was done, but he had fun and that's what mattered. Kaela had fun watching and enjoyed playing with one of the eggs until it fell on the floor. There were some baby goats, bunny's and a lamb at the mall where the Easter bunny was and both the kids LOVED that! Easter morning was fun. Kaela saw her basket and toy and crawled over to it so fast! It was so cute! Will was very exited to see the Easter bunny brought him a toy train! He had a movie, coloring book, train book, markers, ball and chocolates too- but as soon as he saw that train nothing else mattered :)

Kaela has a week full of apts. this week. We took her in today to be sure she was getting enough oxygen and make sure her chest sounded okay. Everything sounded good and oxygen was good. She has some fluid in one of her ears, but it isn't infected. We just have to watch her to be sure she doesn't get a fever or start getting worse. Tomorrow she gets fitted for new ankle splints and Wednesday she gets more xrays with her brace on.

I wish I could have been a little more interesting, but I didn't think I would write if I didn't do it now in the short time that I had. I will post some pics too :) For those of you living in sun and warmth, send a little this way!! We are so anxious for spring! 7-9 inches of snow Friday was not very exciting..and more to come tonight. Enjoy and I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why I love being a mommy

I truly had this idea about a week ago that I should write about being a mom. Today I get online, look at every ones blogs and realize so many of you have beat me to it! I feel like I'm 'stealing' the idea now, but I can't help but to write a little something. I thought of this because I was looking at my kids and thinking to myself, "I am so lucky to have these two beautiful children in my life." I have wanted children since I was a child. I was that kid that always played with baby dolls. I literally think I liked dolls until I was old enough to babysit! I knew since I was a kid that I wanted a big family, I wanted to have kids and wanted to adopt kids. I love animals too...Matt always makes fun of me and says if I weren't married to him I'd be a cat lady. The sad thing is, he may be right :) I just can't say no! If someone offered me their kid I'd say YES! Of course! So much easier then going through those 9 months and then praying you don't have another hour long labor and pop one out at home. Although I'd do again in a heartbeat for another sweet baby...but we'll give it a couple years (don't worry, we WILL wait a little longer this time). So back to my children. Why I love being a mom? Really, I don't think I could possibly think of a reason I don't love being a mom. I honestly believe this is the best job I could have been given. I think about all the heart ache that comes with being a mom and I would take it all 100 times over to feel the extreme amount of love I have for these two beautiful people. I love the fact that I can be standing in the kitchen watching William literally shove turkey into his mouth with both hands and get teary eyed. Maybe part of that is because I'm freaking out he's going to choke on his turkey, but mostly because of this adorable little man in front of me that WE created! WOW! And I look at Kaela and think of how truly unique and special she really is and how lucky Matt and I are that we got her! 84 known people in the WORLD who are known to have the same thing as Kaela and we got her! I think I understand in some ways why we have her...I think we have become different people in some ways (for the better) and have learned so much, but I think she's going to teach us so much more and for that I really am so thankful. I love the way they smile at you, sometimes for no reason. I love how I can come home from a day full of work, walk through the door to see Kaela kicking her little legs and smiling as she sees me. To see Will jump up and down saying hi mama. I love how they teach me patience. I love how they can drive me crazy and two seconds later look at me with a smile that melts your heart! I love how Matt literally just put Will into a time out and he's calling for me :) he he. I love how I can tell Will that he can not pick on the dog and his little voice says "silly boy, funny," and I have to turn away to laugh because his scrunched up little nose and face is too cute when he does that!
I love the belly laughs that come out of them that make you smile so hard your cheeks hurt and laugh so hard you cry. I love the fact that I was chosen to be a mom to these two beautiful children. I love how I can pick Kaela up and she gets so excited her little legs are running to me in the air as I lift her. I think I could write for hours about how much I love being a mom, but I will end with my new favorite part of being a mom...I love that my children love each other. That Will can get down on the floor with Kaela and the two of them can crack each other up by just making sounds :) ohhh how great it is being a mom!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Straighten up!

Yesterday was Kaela's big day. We took her to pick up her new/first back brace. I wish I could write and say all these great things, but really I just want to say it sucks! Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping her and trying what we can to straighten her spine without surgery, it just basically sucks we have to even worry about it! Now that that's been said...I will obviously post pictures of her in it so you can see what it looks like but what it is doing is pushing against her chest to push her back 'in' to help with the kyphosis and then there are straps in the back that pulls her spine back towards the middle and straightens her up! FUN huh? Poor little girl does not like it (who would really?) and she hardly moves in it. She can roll, but doesn't do much of it when it's on. She can't get her feet up to her mouth with it on which she really enjoys doing :) She has to wear it 23 hours a day! But the first week the doc said to do shorter days to get her used to it. I'm sure she will get used to it as she wears it more, but it just seems so tight and like it restricts her breathing even more (she has that super narrow chest)...I worry too much. Just hope and pray that it works for her! Most research shows that bracing does not help...but we will see.
Now to the exciting news...yesterday I put a bowl and spoon on the floor (Kaela likes to play with them) and as soon as she saw it she dragged/army crawled over to it! I've never seen her move so was sooo cute! She probably thought there was food in it, this girl loves food! I'm sure she was envisioning ice cream or something in the bowl the way she moved but she did it! GO KAELA! I'm sure it will be much harder with the brace on, but hopefully she will figure out how to move in it. She looks taller now that she's not all crooked. We are off to get a new car seat for her tonight. We are going to get another Britax for Matt's car, but want to fit her in some to see how she fits with her brace. Talk about a fun filled Friday night huh?
Now, a little cute story about my oh so cute William. Today I was changing Kaela and feeding her after her bath and I knew Will was in his room, but thought I should go lay him down for his nap. Well, I go into his room and say, "hey buddy do you want to lay.....oh my gosh!" The little guy had gone into the refrigerator ( I knew he was in there because the door was left wide open, but hadn't realized he had left with something...good watching my kids right?) and taken the baking soda that was in there out! Guess where it ended up?? Yes, all over his bed. He wasn't interested in making a mess, he knew exactly what he was doing...he was going to dig in the fun sand 'stuff' with his diggers. He has his huge yellow digger up on his bed digging in the baking soda. There was even a big clump of it that he was so excited to show me. He says, "rock." So he had baking soda and rocks to dig in! How fun! It was pretty cute...and of course I took pictures before cleaning up the mess:)
I'm also going to post a couple pics of Will in his new Thomas the train hat! He looks SOO cute in it. He got this in the mail the other day from a very special friend along with a Thomas cup, plate, and bowl. He is going to fit right in this spring when we go to Thomas Day at Green Field Village!
One last thing...for those of you who don't already know, one of Kaela's friends, Owen, is about to become famous. Owen and his parents are going to be featured in the paper and their will also be a video. Check out their blog "How life is measured" to find out more about Owen (super cute little guy) and his new found fame :)