Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random happenings

I figured I should probably post since it's been awhile.  There's not much going on. My sister was here this past week visiting which was a lot of fun, but other then that we have been just hanging out.  This winter in Michigan has been very cold and snowy (more then usual) so we've been in doors a lot playing games, with blocks, reading books and whatever else keeps us busy.  One of Will's favorite things to watch on t.v. is the digger show, also known as extreme makeover home edition.  If you've ever watched this show you probably know that the diggers, bulldozers, etc are on probably no more then 90 seconds, but Will sits through the whole show watching it while playing with his own diggers. It's pretty funny. He actually screams and gets really excited during demolition and sounds a bit like Ty from the show.  It's really funny.  He likes building 'houses' with his blocks and knocking them over with his diggers just like they do in the show. Here are some recent pictures of this.

Can you see how little that digger is? I think it's the smallest one he has...but he loved building and knocking them over with it!
Kaela on the other hand loves to knock anything and everything down with her bare hands. It's so much fun to drive your big brother crazy! Kaela is talking like crazy these days and adding new words all the times. She's talking in sentences to us too. It's pretty cool seeing as though she's only 19 months.  I just saw some of her therapist on Friday last week and we were looking at her cognitive skills and she's very advanced. We looked ahead and she was doing and saying things that they have in the 36  month category and up.  She's not walking yet and doesn't do a lot of things in the physicalarea that she should be doing at this age on the average charts, but we know she is on her terms :) She has such a big personality. She can be quite the snot sometimes but also so funny.  The attitude is pretty big too :) She has some looks that could kill! She came out with some of these looks. I remember people saying when she was just a couple months old how she had some dirty looks :) That's my girl!
Here are some random pics of the kids.