Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our first Video


I've never posted a video before, but thought you all might like this after not getting anything for so long. Two post in one night! Be sure to check out our post below :)  I just took this's so cute!  You get to see just how cute Kaela is "in person" and kind of see how crazy her big brother Will is in the background. Excuse the mess in the background and all over Kaela's face :) ENJOY!!


Jennifer said...

Kaela! You little superstar! Listen to you talking. Pretty soon you'll have to give Owen a call so you guys can talk about your adventures!

Wow, you guys have a lot going on in your household! Good Luck with all your new changes.

Alex said...

She is SO cute!!

Charlene said...

She is Soooo Stinkin' cute!!!
I love Will playing ball in the background too.

Charlene said...

Hey Sarah!

I guess I could email you but this seems so much easier.

Yes, I may be moving but nothing is definite yet. I had a couple of interviews for a Nanny job in NY. They found me through the Nanny website I'm on. After talking to one family I determined they were not the family for me, and the other one I haven't heard back from we'll see.

I don't really want to leave but at the same time I do.
Of course, if I do go I will definitely get together with you guys before I leave.

Destini said...

Love the video - Kaela talks so well! I think we should start a blog slacker club - right now I think I could be president. Kaela and Will are so cute - and daycare will be great for them!

Mike said...

Adorable! She's doing that so well! I'm the VP of the blog slackers, though!

Greene Family said...

The video and pictures are SO cute!! I hope Kaela's MRI went well, and I hope she and Will have fun at preschool/daycare! Congrats to your hubby on his internship too!

Kim said...

How did I miss this post??? She is ADORABLE! I love her little sweetiepie voice. I love Will being such a boy in the background! :-)