Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally! A Post

After weeks of nothing and a lot of threatening emails from my sister I am finally posting.  I told myself I would do this before the end of the weekend so I figured since it's Sunday at 8 pm, I better get going.  I don't really feel like I have a whole lot to share though. Everyone is doing pretty well. Both of the kids got the cold that seems to be going around a couple of weeks ago. Matt and I both got mild versions of it, but nothing too bad. Kaela still has a pretty bad cough and it seems to be getting worse, so I'm going to take her to the doctor's this week.  
We have been really enjoying the fall weather. We have had some really nice weather and perfect for going out to the cider mills and pumpkin patches! We have gone to a couple already this season and will hopefully get to go a couple more times before the snow or cold weather comes.  Will is at a really fun age to enjoy the horse drawn hayrides and the hay maze at one of the farms near our house.  
Tonya, Knoah's mom, had a Halloween party at her house yesterday for the kids which was a blast. I will save that for another post this week. 
I haven't updated on school and daycare...Will is doing really well in school. Daycare is still hard, but he is doing better I think.  He had a lot of time being at home with Daddy so I know it's a big change for him. Hopefully soon things will get easier.  He is talking a lot more and making more sense too which is very exciting. He is at a really fun age...but also one of those ages where I want to pull my hair out! He can be so sweet and then he turns around for one second and he is a monster! I love him, but he sure knows how to test my patience.  He has also started potty training which is very exciting! Go Will! He poops and pees on the toilet. He doesn't do it when we are out of the house but on the weekends he will do it all day, so we are very happy with his progress.
Kaela is doing really good with daycare. She seemed to transition much easier then Will, but when she's home she is hooked to me at the hip. She does not want Matt, she doesn't like to be put down, she just wants mama.  She is a big snuggle bear and I love it.  It can be a little tiring though when she screams when I put her down or when Matt takes her, but overall I love it :)

I will end with some pictures of the kids. If I don't, I know I will get some more nasty emails from my sister :)


Rachliedel said...

I'm happy that my emails have finally worked:) OH MY GOSH - can they get any cuter?? Seriously, Kaela looks like a little model and pretty soon will's going to be a teenager. That post was really sad because they both look so much older than the last post. I know it's only been like a month, but Kaela's hair is longer and Will looks taller! I miss them so so much. It also made me miss fall- which I never thought I would miss again. I miss the cider mills and pumpkins and I wish I could be there with you guys to share all that stuff. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving. I seriously will have to come home more often. I get more vacation every year so that will help. Okay this post is about to turn into Rachel's blog so I'm gonna end it. I love you all SO SO SO SO much and I miss you even more.

Danielle said...

Your kids are just so cute! Kaela gets more beautiful everytime I see her! Again, I wish we lived where we could get together with sounds like so much fun!!

Kim said...

OH I AM SO JEALOUS WILL IS POTTY TRAINING! Argh! I am bribing with stickers and toys right now. I get about one pee a day on the toilet. And since Will and Preston I think are a week apart-I understand your I love him but they are can drive you crazy!
I guess they are lucky they are cute.
Sorry to hear Kaela is battling the cough. Preston battled with a cold/cough for about two weeks. The cough is now gone, but the runny nose-oh the runny nose.
The pictures of the kids are adorable. Kaela is such a little girl now. I loved her costume on Tonya's blog!

Greene Family said...

Great pics - Kaela and Will are so cute! I hope Kaela gets over her cough soon! I love this time of year - have fun with going to the cider mills and pumpkin patches a couple more times!

Anonymous said...

The kids are adorable! Give them hugs for me. Love Aunt Shell

Mike Mallinson said...

Woot - hooray for new posts! Loved Kaela's costume on Tonya's Halloween party post - she was adorable! Hooray for potty training and easy transitions, but boo for bad colds... Hope she gets better soon!

Charlene said...

Yay!!! You're back.
I was starting to wonder what happened to you...
- Look who's talking. I haven't posted a new blog in almost a month!

Glad to hear all is well. The kids are so adorable, as always.
Enjoy the great Fall weather and hope Kaela's cough gets better soon!

Destini said...

Glad daycare and school are going pretty well! The kids are totally adorable, and I am now officially trying to figure out if there is a pumpkin farm anywhere close-by, all these cute pumpkin farm posts!

Hockey Nuts said...

AWWWWW the kids are so cute. Kaela is beautiful sitting in the patch of pumpkins I want that picture to hang on my wall. They are getting so big I miss them so much and I hope we can see you guys soon. Hunter remembers you all now so its so cute. He wants to come to your house all the time. Love you! Becky

Lisa said...

Great pictures and it was wonderful to meet you guys! I know what it's like to get behind on posts (happening to us right now).

Keep posted with the pictures - always easier than writing a long story.