Monday, April 13, 2009

Our visit from the Bunny

Easter was pretty fun this year with the kids. Will is at a great age to ask for more toys for yet another holiday and Kaela had fun finding eggs and eating chocolate. What more can a kid ask for :) We started Easter weekend with a trip to a near by city who was having an Easter egg hunt. We went with our neighbor Dale and his kids William and Natalie. Their mommy had to work, which was a big bummer, so she wasn't able to join us. Next year :)They had the bounce houses, face painting and eggs filled with candy. Unfortunately it really wasn't much fun because there were SO many kids and parents that you could hardly even move around.  It was fun getting out of the house though. 
William and Natalie (our neighbors kids)

 Saturday night we colored eggs which was a lot of fun to watch.  Will liked putting each egg into every color, which makes for some pretty ugly eggs.  He did the same thing last year, but somehow this year they turned out much better. Kaela started by chucking one egg at one of the cups, which is always fun.  The little plastic egg holder was a nice thought, but it turns out little 3 year old and 1 year old hands work much better. By the time we were done we had pretty colored eggs and hands!
Sunday we woke up and the kids found their baskets full of yummy treats and toys. They loved that part.  We then went out to eat with Matt's parents, his brother Joe and his g/friend Marcy as well as my parents, which was fun.
Will and Kaela ate chocolate, starburst and tootsie rolls all day long. It was a lot of fun. I imagine it will only get better in the next couple of years.
One other big announcement. William is potty trained!  Woo hoo!!  He hasn't had any accidents in about a week and he's doing GREAT! We are so proud of him.  Last night we put him to bed in underwear, and didn't even realize it until he woke up this morning. Matt sent me a text at work telling me Will wore his underwear all night and didn't have an accident.  He has been waking up with dry diapers, but I just was a little nervous to start putting him to bed without it just to be safe.  He's so proud of himself and loves wearing his big boy underwear so I think we are down to one kid in diapers. Talk about exciting news!!  He will be 3.5 in June so I think he did pretty well with it. I've heard boys take longer, so I'm happy.  Great job Will!!  
The last bit of new news is we are heading to Texas one month from today.  We are thrilled. We booked our tickets about a month ago, but we are getting really excited since it's not too far away now. We are going to Austin to visit my sister Rachel. The kids are excited to ride on a plane and Matt and I are dreading it :) Hopefully it goes well.  Three hours on a plane with 2 kids 3 and under can't be that bad, can it? If you have advice please don't hold back!  I know some of you travel with your kids often so I'd love some advice or suggestions on how to make for an easier trip. 

 So I didn't have time for cropping and I'm sorry for the picture overload, but when you have kids this cute it's just too hard to choose :)


Rachliedel said...

They already look so much older than the last blog - it makes me a little sad even if they are getting cuter:-) I love Kaela's little faces with her mouth hanging open - they are so cute. She doesn't even need to smile to look adorable. Will looks sooo much older - I don't think I've ever seen a 3 year old look so handsome and grown up :-) I wish like always that I could see them everyday. I can't wait to see you guys in May!!

Jennifer said...

I'm sure Cat would tell you to take a portable DVD player...make sure the battery is fully charged! And suckers...lots of suckers! Darling pictures!

Bobbi said...

Yeah for Will!!! Love the pics...your kids are adorable. Looks like the egg coloring was filled with lots of fun!
As for traveling...I always (and still do) try to pick up little books, toys, anything that can help with keeping them entertained for awhile. The kicker is that the items need to be new, or at least new to the kids. I make sure to pack their backpacks myself so they won't know what's in them and I also add lots of snacks. Good luck...i'm sure they'll do great on the plane!

Melissa Swartley said...

Love all the cute photos! LOL, every year we do one egg (the last one) and dip it in every color! We call it "the bad egg". She kids think it's hilarious! Bravo Will! What a big boy you are now! Have fun on your trip... I haven't air traveled with the kids yet, but during our 3-4 hour drives new coloring books with crayons, portable DVD players with never seen before movies and bribe candy seems to do the trick! Good luck and Happy Easter!!!

Greene Family said...

Adorable photos!! You're right - your kids are too cute, so I'm glad you shared so many photos! It looks like Will and Kaela had a blast coloring eggs, and it looks like they got a lot of goodies from the Easter bunny!
Way to go Will!! Such a big boy!! Yay for just one kiddo in diapers! That is my hope before baby #2 arrives - well, at least down to pull ups at just naptime and bedtime!
Have fun on your trip to Texas!! We haven't traveled too far with Simon yet, but I've been told by a couple of parents to pack them each a backpack with a couple of their favorite toys, a coloring book/crayons, and a snack. Good luck - I'm sure it will go better than you think!

Misty said...

Tyler wakes up dry a lot too.. but we are afraid of accidents, so we still put pull ups on him at night.. he wakes up at night to pee a lot too.. the dr said it was normal for kids to pee the bed for awhile.. so why clean up sheets?? LOL
does will still have his pacifier??? if so, i have an idea i saw on supernanny to get rid of it.. if you guys are ready. :)

Destini said...

Way to go Will! Please call Trace and tell him that Potty Training is not evil and that he will not die if he goes poopy in the potty! I love the pictures, both of them are so adorable and getting big! For the airplane, get them both a couple new toys and if you have a portable DVD player a new movie (they are tricky on planes though, because you don't want to turn it up too loud to bother other passengers). Candy, candy, candy. It can quiet a screaming kid quickly. And if all else fails, benadryl. We had to benadryl Trace and Taylor the last time we flew from FL home, Trace has seriously vomited ALL OVER the stewardess area on the way down and screamed the entire way. I called their doctor and he said to give them 5ml each. We did when we got on the plane and were sitting on the runway, then they both went to sleep after about 30 minutes and stayed asleep until we were back on the ground!

Kim said...

Thank you for not holding back with posting pictures! The kids are super cute and I love seeing pictures of them. Your weekend sounded like so much fun. Yes dying eggs is quite the experience. Preston literally was like Kaela throwing the eggs into mugs and pulling htem out with his hands.
Congrats on the potty training. Preston is still in pull ups at night because he sleeps like a log. Barely ever gets up. He occasionally is having "dribble" accident-like a couple of drops that spread and he gets upset but doesn't want to leave the playgroun. Daytimes he is in undies all the time. The dribbles are something new.
Insofar as traveling, Presotn was awful on a plane at 16 months because he hated sitting in the carseat. He was an angel this past Christmas. I think portable DVD or if on Jet Blue you'll have the cartoons. Snack packs and a new toy that they get on the plane may be a good idea!

Anthea said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter! As for the travelling, lots of really cheap toys (Colouring books, pencils, animal cards, gadgets that make noise, a favourite teddy, slinky, books, etc) is my tip; but wrap them up in brightly coloured paper and only give one out every 15 minutes to half hour. (Like Bobbi said, the key is make sure they are new. Cheaper toys are best becauser if they get lost in transit it is no great stress.)

It also helps to book bulk head seats, as it gives you more leg room. If you are worried about their ears, keep them drinking as the plane is taking off and landing.

Also, bring some gravol or benadryl or something if they are feeling sick. (If you plan on using the benadryl or gravol to help them sleep I would totally recommend testing it before you fly as in some kids it can actually keep them awake!)

I probably would avoid too many candies as I find it can really rev the kids up and make them harder to control; but snacks and water are a must. I bring things like granola bars, raisins, cheese and crackers etc.

Oh and another thing, I found when travelling with kids that backpacks are better than the little wheeled suitcases even for the adults as it frees up your hands.

Just so you know, I have travelled between here and Canada many times with the kids, which is about a 30 hour trip on a quick flight), so these ideas have been tried and tested. (One time I filled a whole cabin bag with toys for Matthew...when he was 21 months and it seriously did keep him busy while he was awake, but mostly the hum of the plane and the bouncing just sends him off to sleep.)

Hope this helps a bit... and just for the record even though I get sick before every flight worrying about how the kids will behave they have always been great. Good luck and cant wait to hear about your trip to Texas....!

Anthea said...

sorry for the long post....guess I had a few more tips up my sleeve than I thought.....hehe!

Lisa said...

Great pictures! Very Very cute! What fun!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

I have one word...DVD player :) Cole loves his and is able to watch it most of the flight. What a great Easter!!