Tuesday, May 31, 2011

family update

I owe all my friends, family and followers some updates. Our lives have seemed to be at full speed ahead the last several months, and I haven't made the time to update the blog the way I should have. I've received a few friendly reminders in the last few weeks too, so I better get to it :)

Most if not all of you know this already, but our baby boy is due in just a couple of months now. We are all so excited to meet him. William is so loving and already tells me how much he's going to help me with him. It's really quite sweet. He tells me when he's crying he will pick him up and hold him, help feed him and teach him things. I believe it too because he loves babies and he's just a very sweet kid. He really likes feeling the baby kick too. Kaela on the other hand does not want to waste any time putting her hand on my belly to feel the baby. She is very uninterested, but she says she's excited to help with the baby too. She said she'll feed him and teach him how to sleep. I told her I'm loving the idea of teaching him to sleep! She's my good sleeper too, so I am hoping she has some good tricks to teach him.

I'm starting to feel a little slower these days, so I'm really looking forward to the end of July when I will be induced. Everyone ask me why I'm being induced, or how I know this already, so in case you are wondering....I had Kaela on my bedroom floor and NOT on purpose. She is just very determined and was ready to enter the world, so she did....and not the way I would have liked to have had it happen. She was also about two weeks early, Will was a week early and quick for a first time labor, so to prevent any craziness this time, we are planning ahead. Lets hope it all works out the way it's supposed to this time (me in a hospital room being pumped with drugs).

William finished up pre school just last week. My oldest and sweetest little boy will be entering Kindergarten this fall and we are all so excited for him. He loved pre school so we are really looking forward to him starting Kindergarten and learning so much more! He's such a good kid and we are so proud of him. He starts Safety Town in a few weeks too which will be another fun and exciting thing for him to do.

Kaela is finishing up her first year of preschool this year. She has been in a program in the school this year where they've worked with her a lot to get her comfortable in the school, learning how to get around better on her own (walking, a lot with her walker), using the potty, learning to catch herself if she were to fall, etc. She has loved it and they have all loved her. Next year she will be moving up onto the pre school program Will was in this year and she's looking forward to making new friends there. It's me that is nervous :)
Kaela has had some recent issues with her spine and is scheduled to have an MRI to check things out in June. We are hoping for good news or we are going to have some big decisions to make regarding some major surgery. We know her spine/rod surgery is inevitable, we are just hoping we can wait as long as possible.
We saw Dr. Mackenzie from Dupont Children's Hospital in Delaware in April. He's very familiar with children with MD and we feel really lucky to have him to go to. We've made an initial visit to see him in mid September to see what he thinks of Kaela, her images, and to have a breathing test done. I've been a little emotional lately, which I'm really just blaming on my pregnancy hormones, but thinking about all this can be wearing. One of our friends with MD is having his surgery this summer and my heart really goes out to him and his family. His mother was the first person I ever spoke to after Kaela was born so she has been a huge support for me. I know this surgery is needed and will really help our children in the end, but it's still scary and draining just to think about. At least for me :) But we know he and all of our other friends, and Kaela of course, will all do great when they go through it! I'm so excited we will actually get to meet them this summer for the first time too!
Otherwise, Kaela and Will are doing great. They are so much fun and make us laugh all the time. I know Matt and I feel so lucky to have them both and really couldn't ask for better kids. We are so excited to add this little guy to our family. William and Kaela are such great friends and have so much fun together, it will be fun to see this little guy with the two of them.


Greene Family said...

I’m so excited for you guys, and can’t wait to see pictures of your baby boy!! Any luck with a name yet? Some people just know once their little one actually arrives.
William is so sweet – what a great big brother and awesome little Mommy’s helper! I hope Kaela is able to teach her baby brother her good sleeping tricks too!
I would want to be induced after Kaela also. Fingers crossed that all goes as planned with this baby! Neither of my boys wanted to stick with the plan either. Do you have a date scheduled yet?
Wow – I can't believe that William is off to kindergarten in the fall – how exciting! Time sure does fly!
It sounds like Kaela had a great first year in preschool! Simon starts preschool this fall, and I’m nervous too (not sure why – think it’s more that I can’t believe how fast he is growing up on me!).
We’ll be praying that you get a good report from Kaela’s MRI and that surgery can be pushed off as long as possible! We see Dr. Mackenzie in July. If you have free time while you are there in Sept, let me know, and we’ll drive up to visit! We’ve been told that technically Simon can be classified as having SEMD with bent bones. I can only imagine how wearing all of this is on you . . . Kaela is one tough cookie though and will do great.
Yay for getting to meet your friend this summer that you first spoke with after Kaela was born! We’ll keep them in our prayers as well.
Adorable pictures of your sweet, lovable kids!! Can’t wait to see pics of them with their baby brother! Hugs!

Greene Family said...

Oops - had no idea I wrote so much until it posted - sorry I must be very chatty this morning!