Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kaela Gets Through Surgery With Flying Colors!

Two days post op and Kaela is recovering well.  She was in a lot of pain right after the surgery and she still has trouble moving around but she is getting better every day.  We got her out of the bed yesterday and today to do a little physical therapy.  She has to work on strengthening her body after hanging for so long and not utilizing all of her muscles.  Even though it is really hard for her, she manages.  She is such a strong little girl. 

Kyphosis before the halo traction or rod implants
Kyphosis after insertion of VEPTR Rods

The change from the surgery is very dramatic.  Dr. M was able to bring Kaela's Kyphosis curve from roughly 110 degrees down to about 0.  The x-ray of her spine from the side pretty much looks like a typical person’s.  The scoliosis has also decreased dramatically.  There was a chance that Kaela would have to wear the halo with a vest even after the surgery but luckily she didn’t have to.  We were also counting on her wearing a protective vest for a while after the surgery.  Dr. M did such a great job that the vest was also not needed.

Kaela fresh out of surgery on May 22
Kaela's first time in a wheel chair post-op

As long as Kaela keeps progressing this way, we are scheduled to come home to Michigan on Friday June 1.  I know Sarah, Kaela and Wesley will be super excited to make it back to Michigan as they have been out here in Delaware since April 4th of this year.  We can’t believe the time is almost here for Kaela to come home.  Her time here so far has been a complete success and we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.  We have so many people to thank who have put time and resources forward to help out our family.  There are also numerous new friends that we have made during our stay here.  We are now counting the days until our family is back home in good old Dexter, MI.


Misty said...

Kaela gets her strength from her mommy and daddy. I am so proud of her and proud of you and Sarah. You are amazing parents to a brave little girl. Can't wait to visit once you are all home!

Matthew Laurin said...

Thanks Misty!

Fred said...

That is wonderful to hear. Good for her. I wish you the best and her recovery is quick.