Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best husband/dad and Kaela's new skill

I have been really bad about posting lately. There have been several times I have wanted to write about something that's happened, but the days go by so fast I just don't get to it. So this post may have some random points, but I also want to highlight a few things.
I want to start by saying I have the BEST husband and my kids have the BEST dad. I know there are some great ones out there, but I have to give some love to Matt. I don't say how great he is as much as I should. He is home with the kids while I'm at work everyday, he takes them with him while he works, he cares for them, loves them, plays with them and is does everything in his power to be sure everyone is happy. He is so calm and has more patience then anyone I know (including myself). He is here for us everyday of every week and I want him to know how much I appreciate him and love him as do the kids.
A couple weeks ago Matt made a digger out of play dough, which won Will over in seconds. Will was so excited that he even wanted to sleep with the play dough digger. As you can imagine that doesn't work too well. Once the play dough drys it crumbles, which ends up in Will screaming that his digger broke. Ugh, how well can you really explain to your two year old that it's play dough and that's what happens. He doesn't really care, he wants it fixed. Well a friend of mine suggested getting some clay that you cook and it gets real hard, so off to the store I went for some clay. I don't know who was more excited ,Will or Matt. Matt spent some time putting a digger, bulldozer and crane together for Will. Matt is sooo artistic, I tried and well, it wasn't pretty. Here are some pictures of Matt's creations and Will's new found love :)

Pretty cool dad!
Now, as for Kaela, she is growing and getting into EVERYTHING. She is so cute and so busy. She can be found under the table, down the hall playing with the door stopper, all the way into Will's room, anywhere she can get. But as of the other day her newest thing is pulling herself up on things. Not onto her feet, but onto her knees. She started with the box of wipes. She was so excited to get herself up there and then over she goes. Once she found her way into her brothers room, she found a stool to get up on. I bought a stool at PB awhile ago for Will to get up into his big boy bed. I moved it into the living room for Kaela to play on and she is so happy. I think she just likes having a different view. I don't blame her. You will also notice that her hair is getting SOOO long. Don't you just love how it sticks straight up :)

I'm so happy we have some nice weather. We spent a lot of time outside and at parks this weekend! Will just loves being outdoors. I think he would sleep in in sandbox if we let him. Here are a couple pics from the parks and at home over the weekend.

I love taking pictures, can you tell? I think my little sis appreciates them all since she lives in Texas and doesn't get to see them very often. Love you Rachie.

One last thing. I haven't posted much about Kaela's brace (I was reminded of this over the weekend :0) ) since she got it awhile ago. We did go in for xrays a few weeks ago to see how she looked with the brace on and the brace off having worn it for a few weeks. We came out of that appointment with some good news. Dr. Hensinger said that her back actually looks better since it has been on. There wasn't a huge change in the degree of the curve, but it actually looked a little better and hasn't gotten worse. This is of course great news. I imagine Kaela's spine will continue to curve, but the longer we can prolong surgery or the more we can stop the curve the better! What I mean by that is obviously we will never know how much her spine would have curved had we not used the brace, but hopefully the brace in the end, even if Kaela has bad curvature, it will be a little milder then it would have been. We can only hope. So good news thus far, even though she would prefer not to wear it. We go back in July for more xrays and I imagine we will go back soon to check the sizing for the brace :) From now on, I think I will try and post more regularly so that I don't write these monster blog post :)


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I love the hair!!! How cute! JD was looking at your blog with me, and he loves Will's trucks...Great photos!

Kim said...

Matt is very creative-those are really awesome trucks! Preston would love these-actually since we have been writing back and forth I think Preston and Will would be best friends since they share every interest!
Kaela is adorable. I love her hair! A little longer and she is ready for pigtails! It looks like she is enjoying her mobility and happy to hear the brace is working!

Catie said...

Aww, what a sweet Daddy/husband! I must say that is quite the hair Kaela had going on! Hooray for Kaela pulling herself up to her knees, that is exciting!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

Matt is such a cutie and Kaela is beautiful! You are so lucky to have them and they are so lucky to have wonderful parents like you and Matt! Great news about her back!! At least it's helping :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE PICS SARAH!! They are growing so much and getting so big!! I cannot believe that you guys tortured Kaela with that hairstyle! I will beat you up for her! LOL
Those diggers are AWESOME!! Matt did a GREAT JOB.. GO DAD!!
Tyler loves it outside too, we were at the park for almost 2 hours today and he made 3 friends.. they were all girls (he was the only boy of 10 kids at the park). 2 were 4 yr old twins and the other was maybe 5. THey gave him hugs when he left and he said "bye friends" i will see you tomorrow! It was so cute!
I am glad Kaela's brace is helping to prolong the surgery. I am sure it is uncomfortable and hard for mom and dad to watch, but you have to do what makes her better. :) I love you guys! I think we need to go to the zoo soon.. before it is too hot like last year

Jennifer said...

Geat post Sarah! Matt's a treasure. Where does he work that he can take the kids? Lucky for all of you. So happy Kaela's brace is doing it's job. And look at her go! She's really something else with her crawling and climbing. That hair is too funny. As I said before...french braids, barrettes, and scrunchies (do they still have those??) are in that girl's future!

Charms said...

Oh what beautiful pictures, they are growing so fast, and we just love the hair!!!!