Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making new friends

Yesterday was a big day for us. We took a short road trip to Monroe to meet some very special people. Tonya, Knoahs mom, had a bunch of us lp parents over with our little ones. We finally got to meet the famous Knoah. He is such a ham! Tonya, as we all know, is wonderful. She has such a beautiful family. Thanks Tonya for a fun afternoon! We also met Catie and her very cute little girl, Hannah. Hannah showed us some of her new dance steps she's learning in dance class. She was VERY good and fun to watch. And I must add, very flexible! She came running into the room and landed her self right into the splits! Way to go Hannah!Catie and her husband also have a very cute and sweet little boy named Alex. It was so great to meet them. Catie was kind enough to bring us all some awesome strawberry pie! YUMM!
Then we met Sue and her family. Her and her husband have three boys. Her older two were off playing most of the time with Tonya's older son, so we didn't see much of them, but we did get to see Aidan, who I have to say is absolutely adorable! He has beautiful eyes and hair!

Sue doesn't have a blog, so I guess we get the joy of showing him off for her :)

Cat, Jennifer and Owen were also there. We met them in February, but it was very exiting to see them again. Owen is such a cutie and got to show off his new moves...he's starting to walk. He was lots of fun to watch. It's so nice seeing Jennifer there too- you are such a good grandma! Your love for Owen really shows! He's so lucky to have such a hands on grandma.

It's great knowing we have such a great group of families around. I know that one day it will mean a lot to our little ones knowing they have friends not too far away that will understand each other more then the average person. It's also really great having the moms and dads for support. I'll try and get a few more pics of the group of kids together and moms with our kids. I hope we can all meet up again sometime in the near future.

I like this pic of everyone although no one is really looking... Alex wanted to steal the show, which was just fine. You can tell everyone thought he was pretty cute :)

How cute is this!? Hannah giving Owen a big hug!

Knoah going in for a kiss! Knoah and Kaela wanted to share in the joy of NO brace !:)

Kaela and Owen to the right.

Tonya and Knoah. Knoah is enjoying some apple pie!

Jennifer with her grandson Owen and Kaela.

Okay, I'll stop, now that I've added 100 pictures :)


Tonya said...

Sarah those pictures are SO GOOD!! You got some great pics!! I am so glad to have finally met you and Matt! It is nice to put voices to faces!! Thank you for coming down, although it was Cat's idea to get together! ;)

Kim said...

I am so jealous! I wish we could have come too! Maybe one day Preston and I can make a big trip to meet everyone!
The kids are GORGEOUS!

BRYAN'S YAYA said... too Kim!!! So jealous! How awesome that you guys can all get together. Katie if you're reading this, we are hoping to get together with you guys sometime this summer...Dallas is too close not to! And we have friends there!

Looks like Kaela, Owen and Knoah had a great day!!!! Wish we were there!!!!

YaYa to Bryan

Jennifer said...

I had so much fun. It was great seeing everyone again and meeting Hannah and her family. Thanks for having me you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad that you have such a wonderful support group of people who can relate to what you are going through Sarah. It must make life a little easier for you!! I MISS YOU SOO MUCH!!! :(

BTW the pics are adorable!

Catie said...

Great pics Sarah! I am so glad we got together, it was great meeting everyone. We will surely have to do it again!

Charms said...

It looks like you had loads of fun, wish I was there to meet everyone!!!! Great pictures

Luv and Hugs

Lisa said...

It's great fun seeing all of the kids. I wish we lived closer to all of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics !!! Great news that Kaela is doing so well. (and the hot pink "Crocs" are just over the top adorable!)Hugs..Love Aunt Shell