Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little girl and her brownie

I just thought I'd post a few cute pictures of my baby girl and proof of her sweet tooth.  I gave her a piece of a brownie yesterday, literally about the size of a quarter, and this is what she looked like after.
The most obvious sign is that chocolate face, but it was all over her hands, on her arms, and all over the front of her shirt, which I don't believe will ever look the same :)  Our little boy was the complete opposite at this age. He could care less about sweets.  He loved and still does love fruit, but cake or sweets he had no interest in.  This has changed a bit, but is still nothing like my little clone.  Will was such a bore at his first birthday party with the cake. He did one little touch of the finger to the frosting and was disgusted that there was something on his finger! He still doesn't like his hands to be dirty.  I can not wait to post pictures of Kaela at her first b'day party because I know she is going to be a MESS!  
Here are a couple pics of the kids together in the tub. Will heard Kaela having all kinds of fun splashing around and had to to join the party.

And a picture of my cute little man. Not sure if you can tell, but he has a messy face in this picture. I seem to have a hard time getting a picture of Will with  clean face these days. :) They grow up way too fast!  


Anonymous said...

ahh.. love the pics sarah.. cant wait to see you in a few weeks!! i miss you so much.. i know we keep saying we need to get together, but we really need to make the effort..i need my best friend. :)

Destini said...

Glad to know that other children turn into the chocolate monster like mine do - did she even get to eat any of that brownie, or did she just cover herself with it? Very cute.
And Will looks so ornery - it looks like the kids have fun together!

Lisa said...

I love those pictures.

Mmmmm.. Brownies.. Yummy!


Kim said...

Sarah-I finally found one thing different betwen Preston and Will-Preston LOVES sweets. He is given sweets only on either Sat. or Sun. I loved the new pics and you cannot tell Will has a dirty face although I agree-dirt sticks to 2 year olds!

Rachliedel said...

They are both such adorable kids. You got lucky! I can't wait to see them and hug them! I just want to reach into the picture now and bring them here with me. I miss and love you guys!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

You have the cutest kids EVER! They are seriously adorable! Cole hasn't tried brownie yet...hmmm I wonder if he has a sweet tooth like his mama!?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there won't be any problem getting Kaela to "interact" with her birthday cake !!!! Can't wait to see that:-)
Love Aunt Shell

Jillsblog said...

JD and Kaela would be really good friends. JD, like Kaela can take a small brownie and make a total Mess....have fun at the bday party.