Sunday, June 29, 2008

Party Time!! (with a little picture overload)

Kaela's 1st birthday party was a success!  We thought it was going to rain all day but thankfully it stopped just in time and stayed nice out the whole time! We set up a big bouncy house for the kids to jump in which seemed to be a hit.  We had lots of friends and family who came to celebrate Kaela's big day with her which was really great.  Kaela had a lot of friends come including Knoah and his family (Tonya, Will, Jacob and Hannah) and Owen (with his mom Cat)!
We were so happy they could make it and really appreciate them making the drive to share in Kaela's big day.  Plus those boys are sooo cute, it's always fun to be able to grab them up and give them lovin.
I was a bad mother though and didn't give Kaela her own cake.  I made these two big cakes that took up quite a bit of time, I didn't get around to making Kaela her own. Instead we gave her a piece of cake, which she enjoyed very much!

Kaela got lots of super cute clothes, some toys that she LOVES including a little table from Knoah and his family that is perfect for her to pull herself up on, some of the 'little people' toys, and some dolls.
Will was all over the place so I didn't get many pictures of him, but by the time I did get to him he was sooooo messy from food, playing outside and just being a busy 2 year old boy :)
Thanks to everyone who came and for all the great gifts! We appreciate it all so much and are so lucky to have you all in our lives!! I will end with some more pics my other close friends and their cute kids.

Jacob and Knoah         Kaela didn't make it to the end of her party!

My friend Jen's daughter Selah
Elora and Tyler bouncing

can you say CUTE PICTURE!! Jacob, Knoah and their daddy Will
Hannah always smiling                 Ava such a cutie pie
Tyler and Kaela playing together (Tyler is a sweetie...and soo smart, hopefully Kaela's taking it all in :)  And Chris with his boys Michael and Zac


Kim said...

What a fun party! Don't feel like a bad mom-Preston did not get his own cake for his b-days either! You guys are so lucky to get to meet each other and participate in each other's lives!
The pictures are so adorbale. Kaela really looked like she had a great time!

Tonya said...

We had so much fun!! Jacob and Hannah dug the basement! They enjoyed themselves!! Thank you for inviting us!! We had a balst and as always it is awlays great to see you, Kaela, Will and Matt!! Will so busy playing with the kids and getting messy I bet he slept wonderfully!!

Anonymous said...

I love that first pic of kaela in the bday hat!! Very cute!!
Thanks for the wonderful comment about Tyler!! You are right about Will.. he was EVERYWHERE... it was funny.. and you want to know how he got so messy?? While Kaela was opening presents Andy caught him on the table getting into the cake!! haha... i said, "andy did you get him off.. he said "i moved the cake away.. HAHAHAHA lol
send me some pics for myspace!!

Lisa said...

Wow! Looks like a great party. Happy 1st birthday! Glad you all had a nice day and good weather.


Jaime said...

Happy 1st birthday Kaela! It sure looks like the party was a ton of fun! Loved all the pictures; there is no such thing as picture overload when you are a mom!

Jillsblog said...

Looks like you all had some fun. I hope that someday we can all get "blogether"...he he. Happy 1st Birthday Kaela and many more happy ones!!!

Charlene said...

Awwww! I didn't know it was Kaela's birthday. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun and the Mommies too :)
Happy 1st birthday Kaela!
Give her hugs for me.

Charms said...

Ohh, wish I was there!!! Happy birthday Kaela.Im happy you all had a great time, love the pictures and the birthday hat!!!

Tonya said...

Post something!! I know your around!! I have seen you!!!!