Monday, September 19, 2011

Today was the first day of the rest of Kaela’s life, it was her first day of pre-school. After all morning screaming and crying about how she did not want to go, she did a 180 and was super excited. Sarah and I were sort of apprehensive about the whole experience as Kaela needed some accommodations in the classroom and we weren’t sure how that was going to look. The school came through in a very big way though.

Kaela stands about 34 inches tall which is quite a bit shorter than the typical preschooler. Not to mention that her arms cannot go straight above her head. Hooks for coats in the class room were easily 4 feet off the ground, impossible for Kaela to get to without something to step on. The teachers screwed hooks into the wall about 24 inches off the ground for Kaela to hang her bag and coat.

Other areas in the classroom where Kaela may have needed help are the drinking fountain and the bathroom. While the drinking fountain could have waited, the bathroom was obviously an important item to address for her first day. This was also my favorite part for Kaela to see. The school had made custom stairs made of wood with a railing for Kaela to walk up to the toilet and also the sink all by herself, no help required. There was also adhesive non-slip material applied to the steps so that she, and other kids, wouldn’t slip and fall.

Overall I was very impressed with how the school stepped up and made these accommodations. We also got a chance to come in before class and try them out. I’m glad that we live in such a supportive community that is eager to help make Kaela’s school experience a good one.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO to your school and everyone there that is helping to make things nice for Kaela. Have a great school year Kaela :-) Love Aunt Shell

Destini said...

So glad Kaela had a great first day!! And that the school is being so awesome! Have a great year Kaela!

Unknown said...

What a great school Kaela is at! Just warms my heart to see schools be supportive like that. She's one happy girl in that last pic!!!