Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Williams First Weeks of Kindergarten

This is a little late but better than not at all. Will’s first day as a kindergartner was a few weeks ago and he was super excited to start. He rode the bus for the first time with all of his neighborhood friends. Most of them are older than he is so he had some good guides on his first day. We enrolled him in the all day version of the program so he could get used to being at school for a long period of time during the day. Luckily he had some kids from his pre-school class as well as kids from sports activities that he has participated in there with him.

I really like the school system our kids are attending. I even went up to Will's school today and had lunch with him and his class. The administration there is very professional and accommodating.

Now that Will has been going for a few weeks we are seeing that he is learning a lot. He can write dozens of letters all on his own and loves practicing his penmanship. We were reading Green Eggs and Ham last night and he was reading entire sentences on some of the pages. We are just so proud of our little boy and all that he is accomplishing.

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