Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kaela Gets Out and About

Kaela is moving along very well with her care here at du Pont. Yesterday she was able to get into her wheel chair for a couple hours and visit the child life room here at the hospital. She played with Play-Doh and just enjoyed spending time out of the room for a little while. They have also added more weight to the chair. She is up to 14 pounds pulling on her from behind. Kaela only weighs about 29 pounds so that’s about half her body weight.

The nurses were also able to detach Kaela from all of her IV’s. Kaela hates having IV’s in her hand and the ones attached to her torso were also removed. It makes it a lot easier to get her in an out of bed without cords all over the place. While she is in bed she is usually watching cartoons. The hospital has a pretty nice TV system with built in movies, internet and television. Not sure what we would do without that.

Kaela has also started receiving cards from friends through the Nemours eCard system supported by the hospital. It’s very easy for people to go online and make a card for Kaela to receive. She loves getting these cards so if you have the time please make one for her. Its fast, easy and free!

To make an eCard:
  • Visit
  • Click “send a smile” eCard button
  • Choose from one of 80 different designs
  • Type your message (be sure to include your name at the end of the message so we can tell Kaela who the card is from)
  • Type the first name of the patient (Kaela)
  • Type the last name of the patient (Laurin)
  • Type the patient’s room number (3407)
  • Review your card before sending and that’s it!


Sandra Potter said...

Rounding up friends to send get well e-cards now!!! :)

Anonymous said...

sent a card to this amazing and gorgeous little girl.xxxx