Saturday, February 16, 2008

How smart and cute are my kids?

SO- May I start with bragging? Of course I can, it is my blog :) Well, although we all think (well know it some cases) that our kids are the cutest and smartest, I must say my kids are at the top of that chart! Who cares about how tall you are or how short you are- if you can give a look like Kaela and Will, then you are set for life :) I will start with my loving little boy! I know we started this blog with Kaela in mind, but I do not want Will to ever feel left out because the love and admiration we have for this little man is indescribable! We went to twelve oaks today, I guess for something to do, and realized how much better he is getting in terms of listening. He turned 2 in December, so he's still young, and enjoys doing things on his terms, BUT he's getting so much better. Those crazy fits are more and more rare (thank you GOD!) and he's listening! Now, I have always thought William was a terrific child, he was a calm sweet baby, and he is a sweet toddler...calm, not so much anymore :) The point is, we were at the mall and of course he prefers to walk then be pushed around. HELLO, he is a BIG boy mom! He tells me he wants to walk, so that's fine, I tell him he can walk but he needs to stay close. He starts walking and we are trying to get Kaela adjusted in her seat and he STOPPED...I'm making a big deal of my son stopping when I tell him to right? But he's 2! Those of you who have kids this age or have had kids this age probably understand. He was just really being great. I'm so impressed. He totally gets it from me ;0) wink wink (If you know me, you know I don't like being told what to do, so it really must come from Matt ha ha). So besides being SUPER cute, and hilarious (seriously, this boy can crack you up!) ...and a good listener he is also super sweet and cuddley. I hope all of you who have baby boys have them grow as sweet as Will. Every night he will lay with me when he's tired and rub my arm and give me hugs and kisses...Oh how sweet! I just love this little boy!
Now onto my super cute and bright little girl! Valentines day she decided to come out with da da. My mom was here to witness it! She's very much into mocking and I have been trying so hard to get her to say ma ma...then out comes da da. That's alright, Will gave me mama first. Now, I know I know, she doesn't really KNOW what da da is yet, but she still said it! That counts! And if you ask Matt it counts for more then just making the noise :) THEN she showed us her true brilliance today when we were at the mall. Matt was drinking a smoothie and I told him to give her a little taste. (I think I mentioned she likes sweet things before?) WELL, she goes on to SUCK out of the straw! He was giving it to her with just the straw (like outside of the cup, hope that makes sense)...but she sucked! So I was shocked, so I said put it in the cup and see if she sucks out of the straw and she did it! It was soooo cute! Matt and I were both so excited! Matt gets his IPhone out and takes a picture for proof of course! We were sitting down in the food court laughing and jumping around taking pics :) Dorks I know! But hey, Will was over a year before he started sucking out of a straw! It's so cute to watch her suck out of it! She's so smart:)
Well, I just wanted to update quickly before I forgot on how cute and smart my kids are!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are the greatest, Matt and Sarah -- brilliant and cute as all get-out. Just like their Mom and Dad! Katherine

Tonya said...

My Hannah sipped through a straw about that age! That's GREAT! Be prepared for the "I have to drink through and eye-dropper, medicine dropper, spoon, what else....Oh I am sure she'll find something!

And for Will, well wait till you hit 9ish...the fits come back...darn hormones!

Your kids are gorgeous!! Looking forward to meeting you all!!

Anonymous said...

You ALWAYS have to have a camera handy... You know I do!! I have a picture of Tyler drinking out of a straw for the first time too. We were at Meijer and it was a slushy.. I cannot remember the age.. around 7-8 mths is when I might have let him do that??? Who knows.. The fits will return though! Tylers sure did... and now they are gone again.
That pic of Kaela and the straw is VERY CUTE!! LOVE YOU!!!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

After seeing Kaela and the straw I had to try it out on Cole! He was able to suck the water, but it scared him and he bursted into crocidile tears! lol It was a lot more liquid than he was used to! Good job Kaela! Maybe you can teach Cole one day :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kaela !!! What kind of smoothie is that anyway ?...looks about as sweet and yummy as you do...rock on girl !!! Big Hug
xoxoxoxo Love Aunt Shell