Sunday, February 24, 2008

William's Big day..and little Ka had fun watching

Today was a big day for big brother Will. He went skiing for the first time! Downhill skiing! We were at the mall playing this morning when Grandpa Bill called and asked if we wanted to take Will. My mom and dad have been looking forward to taking him skiing. So we went out to Brighton and Will had a blast! I thought he was going to freak out and start yelling no (it would not have been a surprise if he had), but he was totally excited to go. We told him the whole time on our way to my parents and the way to Brighton he was going to go ski with Grandpa and he kept saying 'grandpa, ski' even though he had no clue what skiing was. But once we got there we went to get his boots and skis and he was sooo good. I took him outside while my parents were getting their stuff and he was thrilled to put his skis on! Matt and I took turns holding Kaela and helping Grandpa get will around. We started by just walking/pushing William up the hill a little ways so Grandpa Bill could get used to skiing with him in between his legs...then off to the rope pull it was. Will LOVED it! He had so much fun. Every time they got to the bottom of the hill William was already saying, ready again again. He LOVES his Grandpa and was sooo happy to be out playing with him. If I even tried to help sometimes he wanted me out of the way and wanted Grandpa! So it was a total success! He did really well too. He got the hang of walking on his own in the skis and getting over to Grandpa on his own. I think by the end of the day Will was supporting himself more going down the hills too. Grandpa said he was getting 'free' rides and turned to putty for awhile :) He enjoyed the ride while Grandpa did all the work! I think Grandpa Bill is going to be sore tomorrow! So we had lots of fun and can't wait to go again. Next time I think Matt and I are going to put on some skis too. Matt has never been, so that will be fun to watch :) For me at least!

Kaela had fun watching her brother and being outdoors. It was such a great day for it! Kaela was great of course. The only thing she had a problem with is she wanted to get down! She is sooo squirmy these days! She wants to move so badly...she rolls like a pro and is starting to get her knees under her, but not sitting or anything yet so it makes it a little harder. Harder on us and her really. Matt took her to the doctor the other day because she has not been feeling well to be sure she sounded okay (breathing) and she weighed 18lbs 8oz! Holy cow! She's so big! I think Will only weighs like 27 lbs! And he is 2 years old! Big girl :) She's sooo cute though. They are total opposites, it's pretty funny to see them laying together with no pants on and see how different they are. I love those little chunky legs Kaela has! And by the way- her lungs sound good. Poor little girl doesn't feel very well though, although you would never know it. She's always so happy and always has a smile on her face!

Well, I just wanted to add an update and write about Will's big day!

I want to throw a HUGE thank you out there to a wonderful friend of mine that I spent some time with this know who you are! You are too good to us and we love you! We are so thankful to have you in our lives.


Hockey Nuts said...

How cute!!! I am glad he likes it, and especially for being so little. John started skiing when he was that age, well needless to say he is a junkie. Megan and Tommy can both down hill ski too, Tommy got a new pair of "skate skis" yesterday that are very short and he says he is going to the all terrain park with those bad boys! John ski patrols at a local mountain (makes Brighton look like a joke) but you guys should fly up here before he is done at NWA on his cheapy passes and go skiing for a weekend. Kids are doing great, hockey is almost over, so now yes we will ski for a month until it melts. We went to MT last year skiing...what a hoot that was. Well take care and write me Love ya, Koneta

PS he can get you free ski passes too.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Will had FUN!!! that pic of your parents with Kaela si very cute by the way! Tyler would probably enjoy the free ride too! :P
So are we getting together next weekend or what!! I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Could Will get a bigger smile on his face? Kaela looks like one of those "snow bunnies". They both are so cute! You and Matt are great parents and will do fun things all the time. I just hope I can join in sometime maybe Henry Ford's Thomas the Train. I loved hanging out with you this weekend Sarah and THANKS Matt for taking care of things at home.

I love you all!!!!!

Tonya said...

Will looks like he was having fun!! it's good to get him use to adventurous stuff now, you could have one like mine...jacob...

Kaela is getting so big!! 18 pounds already! Geez, she is blowing by Knoah! I am really glad her lungs sound good!! I was reading up on Met. Dwarf. and Wow! I will continue to pray for her!!!

The Johnson Family 5 said...

Wow!! How old is Kaela?? 18 lbs! Goodness! I don't know much about Met Dysplasia, but is she rather tall for her age? Cole is 7 months and a little over 17 lbs. She is just so cute!! I hope to meet her one day!!

Charms said...

Oh what fun!!! i wish it would snow in Africa and what a fabulous pink snow suit!!!!

little Leah

Lisa said...

Thanks for your comments on our blog. I had just stumbled upon yours a few days earlier. Too funny. The snow day looks wonderful. My inlaws actually live in Brighton and we're there every few months.